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Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson

Chris is a leading consultant in environmental and waste matters who managed the first successful defence to an Environment Agency Crown Court prosecution in 1998, as an abuse of the legal process. In 2007, he steered OSS Group Limited in its landmark Court of Appeal End of Waste ruling against the Environment Agency. In 2016, via a judicial review case brought by his company ProTreat Limited, he succeeded in changing the government’s legal position in England & Wales to bring Small Waste Oil Burners within the remit of the Industrial Emissions Directive.


Vincent Brown

Vincent Brown has almost 20 years’ experience advising corporations on their commercial, operational and regulatory strategies to meet the complex and continually developing demands of EU and UK law on industrial and commercial waste, contamination and pollution.


Gordon Wignall

Gordon Wignall is an experienced common law practitioner whose main interest is in advocacy and other varieties of written persuasion. He has a special interest in areas of the law which are within the scope of EU law. This is reflected by his knowledge of various types of regulatory proceedings, especially in environmental and financial cases (including judicial review, tribunal and criminal matters). He is familiar with principles of EU law relevant to competition and state aid.

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